Do you want to advance in the Rocket League? Follow these tips

April 23, 2019
April 23, 2019 admin

When we start with a videogame it is normal that we are not the most skilled in it. This is no reason to get discouraged and not play anymore.

Like everything in life, to achieve success you have to work hard and within the world of video games as well. Although we know that some resources can be used like the Rocket League Aimbot, it is better if we try to develop our skills with patience, a lot of practice and listen to the advice of other more experienced players.


If you play Rocket League it is because without a doubt you like football and therefore you should know that one of the most important things in this sport is teamwork. Although Rocket League is not a football game as such, the importance of cooperation between the members is key to achieving victory.

It is good that the team has a strategy and that each one occupies a position to achieve greater organization and that the party does not pass in going like crazy people behind the ball.

Attentive with the Turbo

The turbo within the game is vital. It is advisable to always keep the Turbo meter above half in order to reach the balls and perform other maneuvers such as flights.

Improves the shots

To shoot with power, capable of becoming notes you have to take into account three basic aspects: the first is that you always use the front or rear, the second is related to take advantage of the boat soon and the third is to use the double jump.

For shots placed use the air roll before shooting and the boat soon side.

Learn how to make the Air Drag

Air Drag is one of the most useful techniques in the Rocket League. It will serve you to score goals, give assistance and surprise the opponent. You can use any car to practice it but it is recommended to remove the accessories and the nitro so that it does not distract.

To be able to do the Air Drag you must master some movements that can be practiced in training mode.

We recommend that you look for tutorials where they teach step by step how to do Air Drag.

Handles the camera well

As you may have already noticed, you have two cameras available. One is free and serves to search turbo and the other is used to finish or know where to stand in the field. To get the most advantage you must alternate one and another depending on the situation. It is not simple, but with some practice you will master the use of the camera.

If you have to crash, do it

Within the game it is common to hit the opponent to avoid a possible entry. If you want to leave it out for a few minutes and have enough turbo, do not hesitate to activate it and ram it.

Using hacks is not always good

Despite what many think about hacks, using them does not always guarantee success.

For those who look almost desperately where to get Rocket League Aimbot and everything that hack is, we will say that while they can take some advantage, in the case of this game, will not make much difference if you do not have the necessary skills to know how to maneuver the cars .

Some may be helpful but in reality they will not get you to stand out in the game overnight.

Of course, the creators and marketers of hacks are going to present a whole range of advantages, but not all will be true.

For example, A Rocket League Aimbot would allow you to fine-tune your aim and achieve scoring from any distance (at least that many promise) but the truth is that getting it is very difficult since you would have to be able to anticipate the trajectory of the ball.

Some hacks have achieved it but it is difficult to find them.

In addition, it must be taken into account that its use is not well seen, since it represents an unfair competition, where those who use it have a clear advantage over others. In any case, the decision belongs to each one.

In conclusion, if you are not very good at the game, you have already seen that there are many ways to improve. The ones mentioned above are just a few, keep looking for information, practice and you will see how in a short time you will be a Lord of the Rocket.



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