Rocket League PS4: Tips and tricks

April 23, 2019
April 23, 2019 admin

Psyonix had a great idea by combining two of the most exciting sports in a video game.

Since July 2015 fans of motor racing and football have been enjoying this particular game from different platforms.

The intense dynamic of football where the cars are the protagonists in an environment full of colors, special effects, strategies and a bit of action, trapped thousands of players around the world.

Rocket League can be played in different modes, either in a practical, solo, multiplayer, online or lan mode.

In the game there are different levels that go from the Rookie to the Lord of the Rockets without being an impediment to compete with players of higher or lower levels, since Rocket League is in charge of aligning and selecting the teams in a balanced way.

The competitions are enjoyed not only by the players but also by the audience thanks to the amusement of the game.

To guarantee the best experience and the fluidity of the game, Rocket League has powerful servers strategically located in Europe, the United States, South America and Oceania.

As is to be expected, the level of competition is great and the players are looking for a way to win whatever they want.

This has as a consequence that the so-called hackers design programs that allow to do things that suppose certain advantage over the opponents.

What was once known as cheating today is called hacks or cheats. Rocket League Aimbot is one of them, that although it is true can offer certain advantages, if it is discovered implies being sanctioned and even suspended for life.

Although it is used by many more people than those who recognize it, it is not well seen within the community of players, so if you are tempted to use one or the other, you must be very cautious about it.

Perhaps the most wanted hack is the one that allows you to get the game for free. With Rocket League Steam Key Free it is possible to install the game through Steam without having to credit anything.

But if in addition to using this little trick, you want to get more advantages with other hacks such as Rocket League Aimbot you can search any of the Rocket League hack for ps4 that are offered on the network.

The general recommendation is not to do it, because in addition to being an unfair competition, there are other “legal” tricks that can be used to improve the game.

Tips to play better Rocket League

Putting aside the Rocket League Aimbot and the hacks, there are other simple tricks that can be used and help to solve those small obstacles that sometimes bother us during the game.

In principle, we recommend that you learn different maneuvers to control movement and position especially in unexpected situations.

For example, if for some reason the car ends upside down, the appropriate recovery strategy is the half quick turn that allows you to follow the correct path.

If you have trouble hitting the ball at the point you want it is convenient to check the camera settings. To make the ball larger on the screen when hitting you have to reduce the distance of the camera and if you want to prevent the car from moving too much on the screen it reduces its rigidity.

Another recommendation is related to the controls and their configuration. Surely you have already realized that the game has many controls of which some are not linked to the controller. Such is the case of the turning of the air to the left and the turning of the air to the right.

If you have not changed the default configuration of the controller, change the impulse to a different button so you can use it with a different finger than the one you use to jump, in this way you can do it faster.

As for getting boxes, it must be said that there are hacks for it or you can buy them from other players. Remember that to open these boxes you need the keys and as you have to imagine there are also hacks to do it. You can also get them playing and wait for them to touch you.

To get more tips and tricks you can join different groups, participate in forums, watch tutorials etc.



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